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Summer Sunday teas at the Old Hall, Temple Balsall

Temple Balsall and its heritage

Teas at Temple Balsall

Teas are served on Summer Sunday afternoons
2.30 - 4.30pm
from the beginning of April until late September (except the 3rd Sunday in July)
in the Old Hall, at the end of the Bread Walk.

How to find us . . .

Why do we serve teas?

In the early 1970's, the vicar of St. Mary's, announced in his sermon, that the Church needed a new roof. It was this that initiated a conversation between Eileen Burman and Dorothy Cranton (the matron of the Residential and Sheltered housing) as to what they could do to help. Some cakes were hurriedly produced, a notice put up at the end of the Bread Walk and teas were made available in the Old School room (which at this time was known as the Prayer Room). That first Sunday only two people turned up and those by accident as they were visiting someone at the Court and she was out. They took the princely sum of 50p!

They decided to start a 'Tea Club' and together with, Ruth Gee, Margaret Haycock, Sheila Thornton and Miss Pinckney, they provided teas every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from Easter Sunday to the end of September. These intrepid ladies continued for nine years raising over £17,000.

They had the occasional help from people who were prepared to bake cakes and the constant help of Mr Cranton, who, every weekend, baked 90 scones. Until the introduction of health regulations, Mrs Fletcher, the farmer's wife, provided the milk from their herd of cows. Every 10 days or so, they provided an evening supper for up to 40 people and also for the Knights Templar

Teas at The Old Hall, Temple BalsallThe teas have continued ever since. In 1998, the teas were re-located from the Old Schoolroom - to the Old Hall. At the time it caused a great deal of anxiety and not a little upset. However, it has been a move for the better. The present position is that we have a small, but dedicated band of people who run the teas weekly. We can always do with more help, so please bear this in mind when you find yourself with nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon!

Last year we decided that we would hold the teas on Sundays only. Weekend traditions have changed and we found fewer and fewer people coming on a Saturday, which has now become the main 'shopping' day for families. We are always pleased to see people and have a loyal band of 'regulars' who seem to turn up year after year in all kinds of weathers.

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate indeed to be able to offer refreshments in such an historic building in such a wonderful rural setting. We invite you to join us whenever you can on Sundays between 2.30 and 4.30pm. The teas are still held every Sunday from Easter Sunday to late September (with the exception of the Sunday that the Knights Templar hold their annual Church Service). We can accommodate parties, but would ask that if you are going to be more than 10 that you try to give us advance warning - not least because we need to ensure that we have enough cakes!

For further information please contact Jenny Jones weekday mornings on 01564 778022, at other times 01564 773894 or

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The Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson
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