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Lady Katherine Housing and Care

In the gardens at Temple Balsall

Testimonials from residents and their families

"It is such a joy to me that my mother is so happy at the Court. It is a place of smiles and friendliness with a high standard of care, where nothing is too much trouble. I like the way residents can participate in decisions. The surroundings are beautiful."  Jane Fletcher

"The staff are always very friendly and willing to help. Meals are first class, prepared by a fully trained cook – the meals are always something to look forward to. When I was able to walk I used to enjoy walking past the church to the seat over the bridge by the stream. Good seating provided in beautiful surroundings."  Ted Tibbetts

It was a very difficult time for the family when Mom passed away as she had been the main carer for Dad for many years. It was not possible for Dad to live with us and so we had to find a care home that Dad would be happy in. I trawled the government website as a starting point and looked at the ratings that various homes had been given. From this I was able to narrow my search down to 5 or 6 homes. It was only once I visited some of these homes that I realized that the web site was only one side of the picture. Some of the Homes I visited were quite simply horrible and I would never let my Dad stay in that type of accommodation. Upon arrival at the Court I was taken aback at the grandeur of the place and the welcoming smiles of the team. Dad immediately said “Son, I like this place, do you think they would have me?” A great start. Dad has now been at the Court for over 12 months and is delighted with how well he is looked after. He has his own flat with bedroom, kitchenette, wet room and lounge and has the best of both worlds, independence and help at hand. Happy days!”  Steve Dingley 

"My husband and I developed lots of experience of residential care homes in this area once we found we were no longer up to looking after my parents ourselves.  We consider Lady Katherine’s to be the best.  There is a community feel to the home, where staff care for all the needs of the residents (heart and soul included - not solely personal cleanliness and victuals), and where relatives and friends are welcomed at any time.

My mother and father have now lived comfortably at Lady Katherine’s for several years.  I loved my father but he could be an extraordinarily difficult man.  The staff cared for him with patience, treating him with dignity and respect until the day he died.  Most of them came to his funeral at St Mary’s.  My parents had been married for over 50 years, and my mother was obviously distraught during this difficult period.  She was cared for beautifully – when I visited immediately after my father’s death she was always being ‘looked after’ by one of the other residents.  Since he died I have seen her roaring with laughter at one of the weekly quizzes, then concentrating hard to follow the instructions of the keep fit guy, even though she is confined to a wheelchair.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lady Katherine’s to anyone considering residential care".  Melinda Palmer

"I have a very clear mental picture of my sister Joan at fifteen or sixteen years of age exploring, with friends on bicycles, the lanes around where we lived. On these jaunts she was intrigued to find out where elderly ladies she noticed from time to time came from, because they were all dressed in long gray habits which swept the ground.  Eventually she traced them to the Court and I can see her now standing between the two iron gates of the Courtyard and being entranced by what she saw – the well kept lawns and the charming architecture of the residences. She has told me many times that she decided, there and then, that this would be where she would like to live when she grew old. Nearly 70 years later she acted on that thought and was lucky enough to be able to move in. 

Now she is well and happy with the comfort of her rooms, the good food and the care and kindness she receives from the staff. What luck to be able to realize her, so early, dreams!"  Graeme Bushell

Arms of Lady Katherine Leveson


Lady Katherine Housing and Care
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